Mid-Week Bible Study 6 pm Wednesdays

Posted 08/13/13

Join us THIS Wednesday at 6 pm as we continue

“Beginning with Abraham: Learning from our Biblical Ancestors”  Bible study

Class is led by Ann Marie Wagstaff

Call the church office at 784-4202 for more information.   All are welcome!


  1. Very cool. I totally agree with that pceross. Thanks for the response. Whew!! Playing by memory. How do you manage that? Do you have a core set list that you rotate through. Sorry for all the questions. I’m a fairly new Worship Leader over in Huntersville, and by new I mean I have never done this before and wonder how other leaders are handling things. I’d like to get to the point of playing by memory with the team, but I am not sure how to go about it. There is a lot of fear of not having that crutch there, even a little bit for me as well. If I get a week off I would like to swing by and see your team.

    • James, really love the first 2 imegas. The birds in the first one just make it for me. I love the moodiness of it too. As a side note, did you notice you talked about food in your last 2 posts? hehe! I love tacos!

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