Lenten Challenge

It’s not what you GIVE up, It’s what you GIVE (of yourself)

Below you will find some ideas of how to do a little bit of stewardship (sacrificial giving of time, talent, and treasure) during Lent.  These are only ideas or they can be a springboard for something you might want to try.

  • Send a card or handwritten note to a friend.
  • Donate to a table outside of a store.
  • Spend a morning at an animal shelter.
  • Give an afternoon to a soup kitchen.
  • Donate needed items to a shelter.
  • Leave quarters in a gumball machine.
  • Bring in a neighbor’s trash bins.
  • Leave a nice comment on a blog.
  • Spend quality time with a family member.
  • Take care of the chores your partner hates.
  • Leave a used book in a café.
  • Tip your restaurant server generously.
  • Tell someone that you love them.
  • Pick up the tab.
  • Freely offer your skills.
  • Give someone you love an unexpected hug.
  • Make a donation to a cause you believe in.
  • Introduce yourself to your neighbors.
  • Show support to an artist.
  • Smile at strangers.
  • Make and mail cards to the senior center.
  • Send a nice email to someone you know.
  • Be a courteous driver.
  • Rake you neighbors leaves.
  • Donate old electronics.
  • Exercise patience