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Office Hours Changed

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The church office will be open:

Monday, Wednesday and Thursday     9am to 1pm

and Tuesday                                               9am to 12pm

Lenten Worship

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Lenten Mid-week (Wednesday) Schedule

4:30 pm Puppet class for kids and teens

5:30 pm Gather and prep for dinner

6:00 pm Dinner Church

“40 Days” Lenten Worship

2/17 Giving

2/24 Praying

3/2 Fasting

3/9 Enduring

3/16 Growing

New Council Elected

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The 2016 Council is:

Karen Cardell     President

Dianne Kavern    Vice-President

Julie McIntosh    Secretary

Jan McKinley    Treasurer

Jill Stokes    Financial Secretary

Ray Cauwet  Worship/ Evangelism

Debra Rodriguez   Fellowship/ Membership

Tami Hensley     Education/Stewardship

Linn Wiseman    Property

Readings for next Sunday are now on the Web Page

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It is Friday and you think I should really do the reading that is expected for next Sunday.  But, I forgot where the bulletin is for last Sunday.   NO MORE EXCUSES.  Just open the Web Page and see the suggested readings.

The Bazaar is coming!

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Our annual Bazaar is coming November 21 at 9:00 AM.   Be sure to attend and help.  The proceeds of this annual event got to support local charities.  Lots of bargains, food and fun.

Calendar Now Available

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The web page has now been updated to show the church calendar. It shows the current month but has the option to see past and future months.  You can also drill down to see just a week or a day so that you can get bigger fonts.

Sunday January 19 at Trinity

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Join us for Sunday Worship:

9 am Bible Study led by Ann Marie Wagstaff

10 am Worship led by Pastor Krista T. Vingelis

Message Title:  Come and See What We Have Found

Pastor Krista Vingelis joins Trinity Sunday!

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Trinity’s new pastor joins us this Sunday!

Join us for worship at 10 am where

Pastor Krista will lead worship.

Her message:

“The Baby Jesus: To Be Afraid or Not To Be Afraid – That Is the Question”