Holden Evening Prayer Service

We will be providing the Holden Evening Prayer service via our YouTube channel, so tune in  at 6 pm on Advent Wednesdays!


Advent Bible Study

This Advent season you are invited to join the Trinity Lutheran Bible Study on a pilgrimage to Bethlehem.  Every place has a story. And in the Bible, Bethlehem emerges as one of the most important places—or “sites of memory”—with one of the most important stories in all of scripture.  Such biblical places can help to ground and orient us even in the most disorienting times.  This year, as 

always, such grounding is important to the rebirth of faith and hope that awaits us in the celebration of Christmas 2020.  

On our pilgrimage to Bethlehem, we will follow Bethlehem’s story like a taproot that runs through the Bible from Genesis to the Gospels.  Guided by the Holy Spirit, we will seek to discover how Bethlehem’s story foreshadows, prophecies, prepares for, intersects with, and culminates in the coming of the Messiah in the birth of Jesus on Christmas Day. 

Guidelines for our Pilgrimage to Bethlehem will be sent out each Wednesday and Sunday morning during Advent (Beginning November 29th).  You can receive your study guides either through email or through the U.S. postal service.  If you would like to participate, please contact the church office for more information.



November 29, 2020 ~ Walk-Thru Holy Communion

Advent begins Sunday, November 29, 2020,  and we will be having another walk-thru Communion from 1pm – 2:30 pm, this time in the Sanctuary. Our hope is that you will find this a spiritual and prayerful time, so we ask that you enter and exit the Sanctuary quietly and with reverence. We will have Alice, Dave, and Jan providing music during this time, so you may sit and pray for a while after you commune. Please remember to wear your masks and practice social distancing. This will kick off our Advent Season!

We need assistants!  Please call the office or let Julie know if you would like to help with any aspect of helping serve Communion – set up, clean up, serving, etc. 




Ann Marie dropped off 50 Blessing Bags.  This is Andrea from The Family Crisis Center. They were very grateful for what we were able to provide. Thank you to all who donated items or money for the blessing bags, and a big thanks to those who took time out of their day to  assemble them!



As of July 12, 2020, Online Worship Services are being provided. We now have a YouTube Channel

Trinity Lutheran Church of Porterville, CA

When you click on the above link, you should be able to access our worship videos beginning Sunday, July 12, 2020. You can also go to YouTube, and put “Trinity Lutheran Church of Porterville, CA” in the search bar and find the service that way. Once you find the link, please “subscribe” to make it easier for you to find our channel! Happy Worship!!


Please check out “Home Worship & Service”

Please check out Trinity’s Facebook Page for the latest information



Book of Hebrews Online Bible Study

The “Book of Hebrews” Bible study, led by Ann Marie Wagstaff,  is continuing via email.  If you would like to join this Bible Study, please contact Ann Marie Wagstaff <amwagstaf@gmail.com>. (NOTE: NEW EMAIL ADDRESS!) Ann Marie will add you to the email list–and provide you with a summary of earlier weeks along with suggested guidelines for participating in the class. Lessons will be sent out twice a week via email.

Joint Bishops’ Letter Against Re-Opening for Public Worship




The council and Pastor Jim have made the following decision:

There will be no more face-to-face worship for the near future, including Sundays as well as Wednesday evening Lent Services, due to the directive from the CDC and Washington that no more than 10 people gather at one time due to COVID-19. We are doing this as an abundance of caution for all our church family. Please share this information with other members that you know who do not have access to email or our Facebook page, or those who don’t check it regularly. Thank you!

The office will remain open during regular hours – Mon-Thur, 9-1 pm and Tues from 9-12 pm. The office manager will be available to take care of various church needs as well as provide the community with food. Donations of food are still needed, knowing how difficult it is for people to get items right now. Please only donate food at this time. Thank you.

Please remember that our church finances will remain the same, so please feel free to mail in your offerings or drop them off in person during office hours. Thank you for continuing to support our church ministries.

Please stay healthy and shelter in place as much as possible. Check on each other, take care of each other. With God’s love and help, we will get through this. Keep praying, keep reading your Bible. His love and guidance will get you through.





Trinity Lutheran Church is:

 – a community where those who didn’t think they had a community can find a home.

– a community where we celebrate each others gifts.

– a community where we take scripture seriously.

– a community where we come together to grow in faith and love.

– a community where YOU can belong.

We are a community that has experienced first hand the power of God’s love and grace in our own lives. Out of response to the gift of love and grace that we have received, we seek to share that experience with others. As our mission statement proclaims, “Sharing God’s love and grace, we INVITE, EMBRACE, and NURTURE everyone unconditionally into a relationship with God through Jesus Christ.”

Trinity places a special emphasis on serving the needs of our community with our Food Pantry and our partnership with the Porterville Area Coordinating Council. Our annual Bazaar (held in November) is part of our commitment to our community, where we give 100% of the proceeds to community ministries that provide food and serve others. Bless you!